Monday, February 21, 2011

Myers Briggs personality types

I have recently come across the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. The Wikipedia article can be found here.

A personality type is made up of 4 categories each having polar opposites. Making a total of 16 personality types. The idea is to provide the assessed person with a general idea or direction of what their personality is like and what general strengths and weaknesses ensue. This allows for personal growth as an assessed individual has been given insight to have a greater understanding of how they approach relationships, friends, work, and life. Having a general understanding of the 16 personality types will help understand other people as well. This can be great in the work place as we have to be able to get along with anyone to complete common goals.

To find out what your personality type is you have to take some form of assessment. Most assessments can cost a fair amount of money. Here are three free methods to find your personality type.
  1. Basic 4 question test 
  2. 50 question test
  3. 70 question test
I have found that the basic 4 question test can be very difficult when doing it for yourself. If you have someone that knows you very well it is almost easier for them to take it for you. If you are having trouble picking between 2 answers I would strongly suggest doing one of the more lengthy tests. They will be much more accurate. Using a multitude of situations it will provide a conclusion of which polar opposite you lean towards. The categories which are compared are used by all humans but we tend to use or be more biased to one of the polar opposites. This allows your personality to be mapped. But because we are not all extremes we can be only slightly biased one direction. That is why taking this assessment only provides us with a direction. The test can be affected by numerous things. Our mood, a chosen career path, or current job. People can often have different results after retaking the test after a prolonged period of time. This may mean our personalities can be adaptive to the environment we are subjected to.

Once you have been given your 4 character personality type you can then learn more about yourself by going here. The navigation buttons you really want to pay attention to are the: portrait, career paths, relationship, and personal growth. 
  • The portrait provides a general overview of a given personality type.
  • Career paths expands on possible career paths and traits associated with the workplace.
  • Relationships will break down how you interact as friends and lovers. Also nice because it will identify personality types you get along with best in both scenarios.
  • Personal growth will help identify you strengths and weaknesses allowing you to exercise your strengths and diminish your weaknesses.
Since I have discovered this it has been a viral trend in my group of friends. It is extremely interesting when you find out what kind of personalities make up your immediate group of friends. So far we have not had a duplicate personality type. This is a very fun topic to bring up. I suggest it to anyone. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Benjamin Franklin's Thirteen Virtues

Around 1730, while in his late 20s, American publisher and future statesman Benjamin Franklin listed thirteen virtues that he felt were important guides for living. Along with each virtue Franklin included a principle to follow that—in his opinion—would define a person of good character. The virtues can be divided into personal behavior and social character traits. Franklin tried to follow these guides in his life, although he often went astray. These thirteen virtues may be worthwhile to consider following in your own life.


We have divided Franklin's thirteen virtues and their principles into personal andsocial character traits.


The eight personal virtues relate to your attitudes toward activities and their challenges. Good personal character traits will better your chances of success in achieving your goals.
Temperance: Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation.
Order: Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time.
Resolution: Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.
Frugality: Make no expense but to do good to others or yourself; i.e., waste nothing.
Moderation: Avoid extremes; forbear resenting injuries so much as you think they deserve.
Industry: Lose no time; be always employed in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions.
Cleanliness: Tolerate no uncleanliness in body, clothes, or habitation.
Tranquility: Be not disturbed at trifles, or at accidents common or unavoidable.


These five social virtues that Franklin stated concern your attitudes toward people with whom you have dealings. Good social character traits result in other people wanting to do business with you or to have relationships with you.
Silence: Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation.
Sincerity: Use no hurtful deceit; think innocently and justly, and, if you speak, speak accordingly.
Justice: Wrong none by doing injuries, or omitting the benefits that are your duty.
Chastity: Rarely use venery but for health or offspring, never to dullness, weakness, or the injury of your own or another's peace or reputation.
Humility: Imitate Jesus and Socrates.

Franklin's application

Ben Franklin tried to live his life following these virtues, but he often failed.

Good intentions

Franklin placed each one of the virtues on a separate page in a small book that he kept with him for most of his life. He would evaluate his performance with regard to each of them on a daily basis. He would also select one of the virtues to focus on for a full week.
Franklin also often emphasized these virtues in his Poor Richard's Almanack.
Later, in a letter to his son William, Franklin listed the virtues and recommended that William follow them too.


Although Franklin tried to follow the virtues himself, he sometimes strayed from his good intentions. For example, in his Almanack, Poor Richard (Franklin) gave this advice:
"Be temperate in wine, in eating, girls, and cloth, or the Gout will seize you and plague you both."
Meanwhile, Franklin relished his food, womanized and sometimes dressed to impress people. His food and wine-drinking habits led him to be plagued with the gout for much of his life. But still, the positive intentions were there.

Following the guide

The thirteen virtues are a good guide for you to follow. In fact, keeping track of how well you do in maintaining the virtues and having positive character traits, as Franklin did, is worth trying.
You also need to realize that no one is perfect. For example, these thirteen virtues imply that you must be extremely diligent and hardworking. But remember the saying in Poor Richard's Almanack that "all work and no play make John a dull boy," so you can overdo things too.
The main idea is to follow the advice of Benjamin Franklin and try to be a person of good character.


When in his late 20s, Benjamin Franklin listed thirteen virtues that he felt were an important guide for living. These virtues can be divided into those related to personal behavior (temperance, order, resolution, frugality, moderation, industry, cleanliness, and tranquility) and those related to social character traits (sincerity, justice, silence, chastity, and humility).
Although Franklin tried to follow these guides in his life, he often went astray. These virtues may be worthwhile to consider following in your own life.

direct link:
by Ron Kurtus (revised 7 February 2005)

Saturday, February 12, 2011


ya, prison isn't very fun. I've always been a computer kid with a small group of friends. This went on until my junior year in high school. A lot of my firsts happened that year, because I wanted to meet new people and expand myself to new things. I got drunk for the first time, I got laid for the first time, but the biggest thing was I smoked marijuana for the first time. The only knowledge of drugs I have had prior to that experience was something my mom told me when I was very young, "If you do drugs I'll kick you ass!" No reasoning, only the "just say no" policy. I was amazed to find out what marijuana was like. "This isn't that bad" I would smoke every other weekend for a few months. It then became a weekly occurrence. Every weekend it was our goal to get stoned. All my friends would pile into a car and smoke until we couldn't light our lighters. This was due to the lack of oxygen. We once fit 7 people into a Geometro.  Summer goes by, I'm smoking frequently by this time. I get a job working at Rite Aid as a cashier. I now have a cash flow and can sustain my habit quite easily. I would have been just like every other stoner in high school, but there was one factor that changed everything. I met a kid. Not just any kid, but someone with a thorough understanding of selling marijuana and the money to back it. We became quick friends and the largest pot dealers in the high school. One of my favorite routines was rolling a joint the night before. When it came time for lunch I would rush into the line get my food and start walking to the car stuffing my face as fast as possible. My friend and I would compare each others joints to see who had the more superior subject. This lasted a very long time. We decided to call it off when I was observed selling marijuana in the high school parking lot by non other than the super intendant. I was able to drive away, but I had security asking a lot of questions about my vehicle. We would just buy small amount and hook our friends up and smoke ourselves senseless. I had a very relaxed routine for the the last semester of my senior year. 4 classes. I got to sleep in till 10 every day. Regardless of my situation in school by the time graduation came I was so tired of school. I could not even think of going back for another four years right away. I took a year off. I moved to the S** J****. O**** specifically. I worked for an excavation company. 40 hours a week, hard labor. I still smoked pot near daily. After work special, kinda deal. I was a very socially oriented person at that time in my life. My friends were my family. However they all stayed in P******. I was homesick often and missed them. I would take trips every other weekend if not every weekend. I began purchasing marijuana to resell on O**** to people who I knew well. The idea behind this was to counter the cost of gas and expenditures when travelling to P******. It helped. When It came time to go back to school I was more than ready. I could feel the effects of body degradation. Shoveling is very traumatic to the body. I lived in my mom's house for a short period of time. I later moved in with another friend that had a knack with money and a strong desire for marijuana. This is where the story comes to a pivotal moment. I lived there for maybe 10 months before the drug enforcement agency came into the house with guns drawn. I think back to that day and say, "At least I was at work..." I had left that morning, maybe an hour before the police showed up. Later that day I turned myself in. I was charged with delivery of marijuana and manufacture of a controlled substance. I was growing psychedelic mushrooms. I was released within a few days and spent the next 5 months delaying the inevitable. I was a public enemy and the prosecutor was going to send me to jail. I had a strong case against me and opted for the plea bargain. It was 15months. We tried to get an alternative sentencing for drug addicts. This however did not work. It came to the moment in the court room where the judge would pass sentencing. My heart was beating out of my chest, trying to make his loops move the way I wanted. As soon as the judge stated the word, “unfortunately” I knew it was over. I began to take my tie off, stand up and empty all of my belongings from my pockets onto the table in front of me. I turned around to see my girlfriend, my sister, my mom all in tears. My dad was about the only one that could keep himself collected. I broke into tears as I embraced them one by one and said my goodbyes. This was all happening while the judge was still talking. My public defender could not bear it any longer and teared up as well. After the judge finished he left immediately. I was given a few more minutes with my family and was ushered away in handcuffs. I was on the chain gang to prison two days later. I never knew what to expect. All I've seen are television shows and movies. Both of which are pretty far from reality. At least in the places I served. I was sentenced 15 months and only served 7½. I was able to go to work release about 3 months into my sentence. This allowed me to get a job, eat real food, and get socials where my family picked me up and I got to spend 8 hours with them. This was a much better experience than 7½ months in jail.  I however went through an incredibly emotional time. This was prior to getting to work release. My relationship with my girlfriend was fading and there was nothing I could do about. You have very little control of what goes on outside of your daily routine in prison this is the most difficult thing about being in that place. I spent literally hundreds of dollars on just phone calls. I was desperate to keep the only thing I had intact. But to no avail she moved on without looking back. I have not felt an emotional hurt like that before. I did not contemplate suicide or anything, but depression lasted long time. Of which I feel I just recently got over. We were together for almost 3 years. It was not meant to last. I was very much attached. Well I could elaborate this story in much greater detail, but I think a page and a half is enough to get a good general idea. Maybe I’ll come back to it someday and make it better. Too lazy to proof read. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle

Here is an entertaining video with a well known street bike rider/stunter Nick Apex. COMES WITH WALLPAPERS O SHIT!

A stretched 05 Kawasaki ZX10 piloted by Nick "Apex" Brocha vs. a Corvette-Powered RX7 driven by Jim Guthrie in a high speed drifting battle.

Download Hi-Res Desktop Images:

Nick's Icon Gear:
Variant Salvo HiViz Helmet
Overlord Prime Hero Jacket
Overlord Prime Pants
Overlord Gloves
Patrol Boots

Jim's Icon Gear:
Alliance Reflective Helmet
29'r Gloves

Canon 5D
Canon 7D
Panasonic GH1
GoPro Hero HD

Traxxas Rustler VXL Brushless w/ 11.1v LiPo Battery

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So the first time I saw a tarantula was driving at night down a dirt road my dad and I were looking for wild life. Deer, coyotes, what have ya. When I look ahead and see a big ol' spider running across the road I said "dad a tarantula!" He has very poor hearing so he looks at me and says "what?!" by that time he has already driven over the poor tarantula scampering across the road.

I got out and examined it. This was my first tarantula, you see. I was still very excited even though it was flat as a pancake so a few days later I'm riding my bike. I've got my water bottle, my backpack, and I'm just peddling as fast as I can up this hill. When sure enough a big ol' tarantula runs across the road. I stopped immediately and got it to stand still. I wanted to capture it and keep it as a pet.

I spied my water bottle and seconds after the water was drained and I had cut the top off. I scooped the tarantula into the lower end and reversed the top, placing it into the lower section. This allowed me to bike back with the spider in my water bottle holder.
I got back and the first thing I did was begin researching tarantulas online.

I found out that male tarantulas go out in search of females
they also have spurs on the front pair of legs that help them in the mating process. I identified mine as a male, but then to my dismay I found out that he would soon pass away. Within a year or so. I then discovered that females live twice as long compared to males, if not more. Females burrow and wait at the edge of their holes for prey to pass by. After that I had my eye on every hole I ever passed.

One night walking around my uncles condo I found a female sitting at the edge of her burrow all I could see were four legs perched, ready to strike. The hairs on the back of my neck began to stand up. I walked around until I found a cricket. Making sure not smoosh the cricket I crept back to the burrow and threw the cricket near the edge of the whole flash!
It was gone.
Now all the hair on my body was standing straight up checking the area further I found the burrow was located right next to a water meter box. This is basically a plastic box stuck in the ground to make sure no dirt covers up valves, meters, timers, etc.

The next day I opened the box and peered inside.
All I could see was white!
The place was caked with web and the exoskeletons of old prey.
The tarantula was nowhere to be seen. I wanted to capture the female, so I took a 2 liter bottle and basically did the same thing as with my previous water bottle. I kept checking the box about twice a day. I had crickets handy so I could entice the spider to not run away. One night going to check it I slowly popped the lid as to not disturb the spider if it was there.

It in fact was,
It began to lurk towards the exit to hide in the shaft of the burrow where I could not reach it. I quickly threw a cricket behind the spider. The cricket struggled against the sticky web. Finally after several moments the spider realized it was there and turned around and grabbed it in its fangs.

I grabbed the top of the 2 liter bottle and jammed it down onto the spider. Making sure not to damage any part of the spider
I then relished in my victory and decided to take a quick breather. My heart was pumping fast and the adrenaline was kicking in. Grabbing a handful of golf ball sized rocks I went back to the box.
I plugged up all the exits making the box a larger enclosure.
I then lined the spider up just right and scooped it up and placed it in the lower section of the 2liter bottle.


I let the male go that same night. I got an enclosure for the female and I've had her ever since. Coming up on 4 years.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Software, Free Alternatives to Popular Apps and Programs

I've come to realize that this site isn't as well known as I thought it would be. I am a computer science major and I bring it up in conversation from time to time. Often people don't know of this site. It is extremely useful. I've always been about open source programming. I just believe that the model Microsoft has laid down is not the only way to make money with programming. I'm more of a Linux supporter in the fact they take donations, and advertise. Plus they allow people to make changes and submit them, which is super keeno. Allowing their work to progress at a more optimal rate. Another way to make money with such software is by making premium versions with added features. You may be familiar with certain anti-virus companies such as AVG that take this approach. The idea that you are required to use Microsoft word to make word documents is silly. Or the only way to use your Ipod to the full effect is to install Itunes. I hope I can deter from such believes. I'm actually going to show you two links that I use to find alternative software to mainstream programming. I use these sites to find software that suites my needs as well. You can search by type and easily identify if the program in question will require you to pay for it.

The sites I use are: and

I do prefer alternativeto to sourceforge, but both have their strengths and weaknesses. With alternativeto I really enjoy punching in a program to find software that is similar to what I searched for. Hope this helps you all. Keep up the blogs guys. I really enjoy them. I've found a lot of good information from you guys.

I suggest any strong supporters visit this IRC,

If you're familiar with IRC clients here is the info:
channel: #miscmoney

If you are not familiar go here:
channel: MiscMoney

I've recently become acquainted with this IRC. There are some active bloggers that visit it. I suggest it and support it. If you have any questions about blogging this may help you. God speed gentlemen!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Legitimate, but not so main stream movies.

Well I've decided not to have them all shown on the website due to the work it would take. But luckily my professor allows you to access this collection regardless if you are a student or not. One I will link here is a video of the TSA. A very infamous video.
Do you ever feel like our rights are slowly being taken away?

Here are the compilation of video's/movies:

The videos include:

  1. Truth in Numbers? Everything, According to Wikipedia (2010) 86 min @ SnagFilms

  2. The Internet Is Infected (2009) 13 min @ CBS

  3. Spying on the Home Front (2007) 60 min @ PBS

  4. Google Me (2007) 97 min @ SnagFilms

  5. Wall Street: The Speed Traders (2010) 14 min @ CBS

  6. Growing Up Online (2008) 60 min @ PBS

  7. Digital Nation (2010) 90 min @ PBS

  8. Disconnected (2008) 61 min @ SnagFilms

These videos have kept me from going to redbox or streaming video from netflix lately. And another helpful link is: is what you would expect an online library to be. You will find tons of free books, movies, music, audio, art, etc. Check it out at your leisure. I haven't been bored on my computer since I've found this collection. There is always something I can start lurking. Enjoy everyone!

Also as another note, I am setting up rounds on a daily basis to go to my followers websites and leave comments and check out their ads setup. I am a big supporter. Some of you that are following me I can't find a link to your blog. If you would like to be apart of these rounds be sure to get me your info in a comment or w/e. <3 keep it up guys. I've seen some awesome blogs so far. And be sure to return the favor, l8er all!
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