Sunday, January 16, 2011

Legitimate, but not so main stream movies.

Well I've decided not to have them all shown on the website due to the work it would take. But luckily my professor allows you to access this collection regardless if you are a student or not. One I will link here is a video of the TSA. A very infamous video.
Do you ever feel like our rights are slowly being taken away?

Here are the compilation of video's/movies:

The videos include:

  1. Truth in Numbers? Everything, According to Wikipedia (2010) 86 min @ SnagFilms

  2. The Internet Is Infected (2009) 13 min @ CBS

  3. Spying on the Home Front (2007) 60 min @ PBS

  4. Google Me (2007) 97 min @ SnagFilms

  5. Wall Street: The Speed Traders (2010) 14 min @ CBS

  6. Growing Up Online (2008) 60 min @ PBS

  7. Digital Nation (2010) 90 min @ PBS

  8. Disconnected (2008) 61 min @ SnagFilms

These videos have kept me from going to redbox or streaming video from netflix lately. And another helpful link is: is what you would expect an online library to be. You will find tons of free books, movies, music, audio, art, etc. Check it out at your leisure. I haven't been bored on my computer since I've found this collection. There is always something I can start lurking. Enjoy everyone!

Also as another note, I am setting up rounds on a daily basis to go to my followers websites and leave comments and check out their ads setup. I am a big supporter. Some of you that are following me I can't find a link to your blog. If you would like to be apart of these rounds be sure to get me your info in a comment or w/e. <3 keep it up guys. I've seen some awesome blogs so far. And be sure to return the favor, l8er all!


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  5. Man,feels like we are seriously losing all our rights.
    Looks like a cool blog, you said you like motorcycles too? I might be doing a post a bit later on about how mopeds and motorcycles are such a huge part of life here in Chiang Mai and South East Asia in general.
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  9. ill be sure to check those movies out

  10. Nice post, will take a look at them for sure!

  11. Sounds like we're heading towards a more big brother way of dealing with things, lol. Still following and supporting buddy!

  12. Great vid, thanks for the update on the TSA

  13. I guess this is designed to make the world a safer place.

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  15. Yep if they keep everyone scared then they can slowly erode our freedom and justify every step

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  18. Our constitutional rights are constantly violated.

    messed it up a bit lol

  20. Wow, sometimes i wonder how free we really are

  21. interesting vid man (followed) does any of these circumstnaces violate individual rights????....heres mine...


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