Monday, February 21, 2011

Myers Briggs personality types

I have recently come across the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. The Wikipedia article can be found here.

A personality type is made up of 4 categories each having polar opposites. Making a total of 16 personality types. The idea is to provide the assessed person with a general idea or direction of what their personality is like and what general strengths and weaknesses ensue. This allows for personal growth as an assessed individual has been given insight to have a greater understanding of how they approach relationships, friends, work, and life. Having a general understanding of the 16 personality types will help understand other people as well. This can be great in the work place as we have to be able to get along with anyone to complete common goals.

To find out what your personality type is you have to take some form of assessment. Most assessments can cost a fair amount of money. Here are three free methods to find your personality type.
  1. Basic 4 question test 
  2. 50 question test
  3. 70 question test
I have found that the basic 4 question test can be very difficult when doing it for yourself. If you have someone that knows you very well it is almost easier for them to take it for you. If you are having trouble picking between 2 answers I would strongly suggest doing one of the more lengthy tests. They will be much more accurate. Using a multitude of situations it will provide a conclusion of which polar opposite you lean towards. The categories which are compared are used by all humans but we tend to use or be more biased to one of the polar opposites. This allows your personality to be mapped. But because we are not all extremes we can be only slightly biased one direction. That is why taking this assessment only provides us with a direction. The test can be affected by numerous things. Our mood, a chosen career path, or current job. People can often have different results after retaking the test after a prolonged period of time. This may mean our personalities can be adaptive to the environment we are subjected to.

Once you have been given your 4 character personality type you can then learn more about yourself by going here. The navigation buttons you really want to pay attention to are the: portrait, career paths, relationship, and personal growth. 
  • The portrait provides a general overview of a given personality type.
  • Career paths expands on possible career paths and traits associated with the workplace.
  • Relationships will break down how you interact as friends and lovers. Also nice because it will identify personality types you get along with best in both scenarios.
  • Personal growth will help identify you strengths and weaknesses allowing you to exercise your strengths and diminish your weaknesses.
Since I have discovered this it has been a viral trend in my group of friends. It is extremely interesting when you find out what kind of personalities make up your immediate group of friends. So far we have not had a duplicate personality type. This is a very fun topic to bring up. I suggest it to anyone. Enjoy!


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  2. Thanks for the information. I will try this test. I wonder what will the results be...

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  5. This is interesting. I'm not sure how great it works because quite a few of these have been released over time.

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